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"The only way to do a great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

Due to the rapid technological development and the growth of competitiveness and competition, the most dynamic companies need to invest in the implementation of ICT systems to meet the challenges of the new digital age. Big Data, Mobile App, Internet of Things, Social Media are profoundly changing not only the organization but also information systems, business processes, products and services offered.

To achieve success, companies need IT solutions not only capable to support all management processes, reduce operating costs and improve operations and customer relationships, but also to implement new business models and create added value in an increasingly competitive market.

Innovative successful solutions

Beexel srl is a company qualified in computer engineering consulting, design and implementation of innovative technological solutions. Experience, enthusiasm and know-how both technical and commercial are the instruments through which Beexel aims to help companies to manage and improve business critical processes, integrate systems and develop successful solutions.

The investment in infrastructure and applications of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) enables companies to achieve important successes and the most ambitious business innovation goals. In a so hectic market, competitiveness and success depend inevitably from an informative apparatus that can maximize productivity and flexibility while reducing time and costs. Beexel is able to offer companies innovative and sustainable business models, speed of execution, ease of use, cost optimization, increased efficiency and integration. Through a big network of expertise and experience, Beexel offers the best solutions, technological and process expertise, best practices and operational management, in the continuous research and experimentation of innovative emerging technologies, in order to use for every solution the right technology mix in terms of performance, security, reliability and convenience.

We are at the forefront to ensure performance and flexibility with convincing answers, through a full range of system integration, outsourcing and cloud computing, consultancy, services and innovative technology solutions. The skills acquired and proven experience make of Beexel a reliable partner for companies wishing to computerize business processes and business management, adopt digital solutions and take advantage of advanced information systems.

An ambitious business plan

Beexel was born in 2013 on the initiative of two brilliant young computer engineers, Donatello Coscia and Matteo Grieco, with the aim of combining passion, know-how and experience in an ambitious business plan. The intuition proved correct: since then we work on solutions and projects in ICT, acquiring day by day new experiences and new ideas for the future.

Over the years Beexel has expanded and consolidated its skills, learnt new technologies and expanded its customer portfolio, positioning itself as a point of reference in the SME market. The main project Synaptico is a software platform for the management of the sales network in mobility. Synaptico looks like a real assistant for sales agents and customers, able to digitalize in an extremely flexible and intuitive way the whole sale process, from the catalog to the order. Born in 2011, before the same Beexel, it was the first product of its kind available on iPad in Italy. Since its first version, though very far from what would become a trademark, it attracted the attention of large companies across the country. Step by step, Synaptico was modeled to meet everyone's needs, reaching the highest level of flexibility and becoming the leading application in Italy for supporting sales agents on iPad and Web.

In parallel to the project Synaptico, it was soon found necessary to expand the operational scope at all the ramifications of Information Technology. Thanks to the confidence of our customers we are partner for the implementation of solutions to meet the continuing needs of computerization and digitization of business processes. Web-oriented software design, mobile app, database management and distribuited networks, system integration, ERP management software are just some of the topics for which Beexel stands in the foreground on the market of the new economy.

Partners at your service

"In a world that is so sensitive to economic success, creativity wins its battle with the economy because only those who are able to continuously produce innovation in the creative process can be successful." (Andrea Pininfarina) That's the reason why we invest in research and development every day: we offer creative, innovative and successful solutions.

Beexel provides services and professional consulting to companies, private and public organizations that want to computerize business processes and management, adopt digital solutions and take advantage of advanced computer facilities. The operational scope of ​​the company covers the whole ICT sector, with a particular interest to new technologies and mobile services, which represent its core business. Our mission is to always provide the most effective solutions, reliable and designed using rigorous methods of engineering, in full compliance with the real needs of the customer. We devote the maximum effort to every project, from the simplest one to the most advanced, with the purpose of developing innovative solutions that produce concrete and measurable results. To achieve these goals, Beexel has built a team of engineers with proven technical experience and young talent that joined the spirit and vision of the company. Thanks to the continuous training and investment in research and development, with particular interest in emerging technologies, our customers can always rely on specialized and certified skills in every sector in which we operate.

We believe that our work should allow customers to get farther and farther and achieve goals they never thought possible. We do not intend to play the role of mere suppliers; we prefer instead to create a team with the customer and all figures involved in each project. We like to think about us like a partner of the customer, together to achieve a common goal: efficiency. The strong growth in the recent years confirms us that it is  the right track and encourages us to continue in this direction.

Quality certification

Beexel srl documented, implemented and maintains a Quality Management System that fulfills the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001 in the field of IT, in order to ensure effective management of business processes and maximum transparency inside and outside the company, to protect and guarantee customers, suppliers and partners.

The Quality Management System has enabled us to set up and gradually improve the management and operational processes. Beexel srl is certified for the following purposes:

  • Design, development and marketing of software solutions.
  • IT assistance and consultancy activities.

The certification covers the sector 33 "Information Technology" of IAF accreditation sectors.

The systematic quality of products and services can only be achieved through effective interaction and control of all business processes. To ensure this, Beexelsrl implemented a Quality Management System certified by the International Certification CERTIND according to the UNI EN ISO 9001.

Compliance with the standard guarantees that all business processes (customer relations, order management, procurement and monitoring suppliers, design, development, marketing of products and services, technical assistance, consulting) is constantly monitored in order to allow continuous improvement. These processes and indicators are designed to make it more effective, consistent and personalized delivery of services and products ensuring the required standards, in view of a continuous growth of the satisfaction of customers, suppliers and partners of Beexel srl.

CERTIND certifies that the Quality Management System of Beexel srl has been assessed and found to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 for the sector 33 "Information technology" and therefore issue the certificate of conformity Num. 9734C on 16/11/2015.

Many companies have already chosen Beexel as successful partner.