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"The best way to predict the future is to invent it" - Alan Kay

Beexel is able to offer companies innovative and sustainable business models, speed of execution, ease of use, cost optimization, increased efficiency and integration. Through a big network of expertise and experience, Beexel offers the best solutions, technological and process expertise, best practices and operational management, in the continuous research and experimentation of innovative emerging technologies, in order to use for every solution the right technology mix in terms of performance, security, reliability and convenience.

We are at the forefront to ensure performance and flexibility with convincing answers, through a full range of system integration, outsourcing and cloud computing, consultancy, services and innovative technology solutions. The skills acquired and proven experience make of Beexel a reliable partner for companies wishing to computerize business processes and business management, adopt digital solutions and take advantage of advanced information systems.

Successful partners

Thanks to the experience and continuous training of our team, we can design effective solutions to support enterprise business, by providing the technological tools best suited to meet the specific needs of growth and development of companies.

We use market-leading technologies to improve and facilitate the work of small, medium and large companies; we help our customers to face the challenges of competition in the reference markets. Data, software applications, hardware and Web are technologies increasingly numerous and present in companies, but they really help to make decisions only when they are full integrated and shared. Our goal is therefore the convergence and integration of products and services to create value through an intelligent use of the company's information assets.

Everything is achievable through a professional consulting service, which is able to analyze individual issues, design and develop the most appropriate solutions to stimulate growth and competitiveness. Only an integrated corporate informatization project with clear and achievable goals is able to preserve the investment in hardware and software.

Our consulting activity meets the companies' technical, architectural and operational requirements, with the most effective solutions in the following areas of expertise:

  • System integration
  • Process analysis
  • Big data analysis
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Software engineering
  • E-services
  • Architectures and technologies
  • Security and policies
  • Project management
  • Business intelligence
  • ERP, SCM and CRM
  • Quality assurance

Custom solutions

We design and develop custom software solutions for companies and public administration, strictly applying the principles of software engineering. We do not just write code: we design the entire product and we take care of each stage of the software life cycle.

We are specialized in designing and developing custom software solutions, capable of going over the limits of standard solutions and being integrated into the informative system already exists in the company. We create products that fit exactly the specific needs of the customer, unique and easy to implement, in order to minimize the impact on the company business activities. Each project is analyzed and tested together with the stakeholder. The customer is always up to date on every stage, making it possible to apply any changes during the development.

We take care of every stage of the software development:

  • Feasibility studies, requirements analysis, functional specifications
  • Design of databases and user interfaces
  • Architecture, hardware and software design
  • Writing technical specifications
  • Design and execution of test plans
  • Documentation
  • Duplication and distribution
  • Review, evaluation and maintenance

There's an app for everything

We help companies to face the mobile computing innovation with projects of web-app and native applications for smartphones and tablets on the different mobile platforms available, paying close attention to look and feel, performance and usability.

Nowadays mobile devices are the main tools for accessing information and services online. The rapid spread of smartphones and tablets created a new ecosystem which enables multiple new ways of business: Mobile Business App, Mobile and Web App, App Store, Internet of Things, M2M, Mobile Internet, Mobile Marketing & Service, Mobile Payment & Commerce, Mobile Banking and many more. Companies and public administrations look very carefully to the new possibilities of interaction with users and customers to enable quick access to data and information on the move.

Different business areas in the company - marketing, ICT, front office - work more closely together to restructure processes and organization in order to offer to customers, suppliers and employees new services accessible on the move, through dedicated apps on tablets and smartphones.

Beexel helps companies and organizations to face mobile innovation according to different requirements with a methodological and structured approach to provide fast responses to market. Thanks to its experience in various fields, Beexel is able to design and develop native applications and solid web-app for smartphones and tablets on various mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) paying close attention to the look and feel, usability, performance on slow networks, able to respond optimally on different mobile devices, browsers and systems.

Every mobile development project of ours follows six steps:

  • IDEA: We help the customer to develop and refine the original idea
  • ANALYSIS: we collect and analyze all project requirements
  • DESIGN: we design database, logic, application and CMS backend
  • CODING: we write line by line the code of the whole application
  • TUNING: we apply a strict protocol of debugging to test the app before deployment
  • MAINTENANCE: we support constantly and continuously the project

From concept to project

We use the most innovative engineering and design technologies to produce advanced Web solutions, dynamic Web applications and portals, with close attention on content management and integration processes of corporate informative systems.

Beexel has an entire team dedicated to the Web Development - SEO business unit. Our engineers are specialized in designing, developing and maintening of dynamic Web portals, from simple corporate site up to more complex projects such as publishing portals, e-commerce, blogs and business management systems. We create dynamic Web portals, multi-language, multi-platform, with CMS for content management. We handle each project from concept to production, using the right technologies to meet completely the needs of the customer.

Internet sites are growing exponentially day by day and the visibility of a Web portal can not disregard requirements of originality and distinctiveness. That is why our approach to Web Development is based on a basic requirement: the uniqueness. Each project is modeled exclusively on the customer, using proprietary and tested development tools, rather than common content management systems and public development tools. The graphical interface is designed to fit customer requirements by experienced web designers, with special attention to usability and accesibility. Content management is made possible thanks to powerful backend systems that allow the user to edit every portal page easily in full autonomy.

An effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy increases the number of users and visitors from search engines, maximizing the visibility of products and services offered. Our SEO specialists are able to design effective strategies to optimize the positioning on the search engines. We organize the pages layout so they can be easily accessed by engine spiders on the search keywords for which you want to be found. We monitor the position for every keyword set, in order to understand if the positioning is successfull and change from time to time content and keywords to improve the results.

The final result of all our projects is an original highly customized solution, developed in strict accordance with customer needs and his investment goals.

Integration with low impact

The introduction of a new ICT system in an existing structured informative system is a very delicate operation. Beexel offers solutions to integrate existing systems with low organizational impact, thanks to high levels of expertise and know-how with regard to the most important third-party solutions.

In a market so dynamic and fast-paced, companies must react quickly to changes: we offer technological know-how and support in the re-engineering of processes. The value of integration projects is expressed in cost reduction, efficiency and performance measurement. We work together with companies to develop new business models enabled by new technologies, renew skills and open to new experiences to successfully meet the challenges of the market.

We support companies in the early stages of technological innovation and process integration, offering us like a reliable partner to invest in ICT as a growth factor. The ability to integrate components, company and service around a concept is the main feature of Beexel.

Technology to support decisions

Beexel provides services and consulting for analysis, design, implementation and maintenance of applications based on Business Intelligence. Our specialists are able to manage BI projects of various kinds, from the simplest to the most advanced, and they have an high level know-how of enterprise organization and management processes.

Typically Business Intelligence activities include decision support, questions and reporting, statistical analysis, forecasting and data mining, with the common goal of predicting the future impact of current decisions. Business Intelligence systems play a key role in the strategic planning process of the company. The life cycle of a business intelligence application requires a complex methodological coordinated approach, to ensure both the respect of budget and time, and the return of the investments planned by the customer in relation to the goals.

Beexel can support companies with solutions and services suitable to increase performance and reduce costs, thanks to professional consultants with many years of experience in BI design and complete autonomy in project implementation.

Dedicated support and continuous training

Beexel is able to offer high value services of technical assistance for hardware and software, to ensure maximum efficiency of technological infrastructure, IP networks, systems and ICT applications. During the entire project we follow the customer with continuos training and know-how transfer.

Beexel provides help desk and technical support throughout the country with qualified engineers, systems engineers, DB administrator, specialists in hardware and software, experts in IP networks and security, to ensure maximum effectiveness of the technological assets to companies: installation, configuration and hardware and software maintenance, network and systems management, DB administration, roll-out, infrastructure monitoring and management, security and vulnerability checks on the network and services. We respond quickly and effectively to ensure high value support services.

We are specialized in training and transfering of expertise to the companies. Our training process has two major goals: increase the competence of our staff and follow our customers in the growth of the company and their resources.

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